Our Company Bio

Since 1992, HRH Safety & Health Systems has provided safety & health consultation and training services for the industrial and construction industries within Jacksonville and throughout the southeast and southwest regions of the United States. The company was founded by Howard Hice, Sr. shortly after he retired from Florida Rock Industries.  Howard, Sr. wanted to offer a service that could “partner” with client contractors in such a way as to establish a working relationship that would not only enhance their safety & health programs, but over time would create a safety culture that would become a mindset within their companies and meet OSHA scrutiny. Our base of operations is in Northeast Florida.


In early 2006, Howard, Sr. decided to fully retire and sold the business to his son, Howard, Jr. (Bob), who had been the HRH Operations Manager for the 3 prior years. Howard, Jr. (Bob) brought 35 years of corporate managerial skills to the business after retiring in 2002 as an Area Manager from BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. During his years with BellSouth, Bob acquired a vast amount of safety & health related expertise having supervised large numbers of employees and vehicular fleets.  Bob introduced several technology changes to improve the administrative segment of HRH, but without compromising the company’s original primary focus and mission established by his father.